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HR-manager is a person managing the personnel: he or she hires new people, supports, motivates and helps them. Difficult as it is, this job is also interesting. The HR-manager has to find common language with everyone, he or she is supposed to be an accomplished psychologist and possess communication skills. Moreover, such a manager has to always strive for improvement, to be well-rounded and to keep track of all new trends and nuances of the labor market.

It is interesting to know what such a manager looks like.  Is it a man or woman? What do they do in their spare time? What is the Ukrainian HR-manager’s portrait?

In order to learn more, a survey has been conducted among experts of the HR-field in different Ukrainian cities. The survey was being carried out among those who find themselves at different stages of their career, which provides us with insights into general tendencies.


This profession is mainly preferred by women. Whereas 5 years ago the percentage of female HR-managers amounted to 91%, it has now decreased to 80%. 


The majority of respondents are people aged 26-35. The number of specialists (20%) is the same for the groups of people aged 22-25 and 36-45. 5 years back the situation looked quite different – 10% of the HR-managers were aged over 30, with the higher percentage of the respondents being students.  


Almost 90% of HR-managers have a college diploma predominantly in such fields as psychology and sociology. About 10% of the respondents are educated in the field of personnel management.

Work experience

The majority of the respondents have 1-5 years of experience. Also, many of them have worked over 8 years in the HR-field.  

Type of employment

Almost 90% have a full-time job. Every year sees the number of recruiters working from home rising. The flexible working hours are becoming more popular. The HR-manager can now decide for him- herself when to work.  


There are multitudes of hobbies that HR-managers pursue. Lots of them like travelling and outdoor activities. Many of them take a good care of their health, frequenting gyms and taking dancing classes. 


In most cases HR-managers prefer Ukrainian pop and rock music.


The most frequently mentioned books were ‘The Master and Margarita’, ‘45 tattoos of a manager. The rules for a leader’ and ‘Atlas shrugged’.


When it comes to cooking, HR-managers are prevailingly not involved in this activity. They would rather go for a lunch at the restaurant or have their food delivered. Preferred cuisines are Japanese and Italian.


Most of the HR-managers prefer cats to dogs. This may be explained by the fact that dogs require more care, which means the managers might not have sufficient time for it.

To sum up, people involved in the HR-field are quite active, well-rounded and are well self-organized and self-disciplined. In terms of education, one does not necessarily have to have one in order to become a successful HR-manager. The main thing is to work, be motivated, love life and what you do.