The company Action Group was founded in 2001. Its main fields of activities are recruitment and outstaffing.

Action Group is one of the market’s leaders in the recruitment fields of pharmacy, financial sector, logistics, consumer goods manufacturing and heavy industry, marketing and PR, FMCG, agricultural sector, etc.

Since 2015 the recruiting agency Action Group has been an exclusive partner of FMA (Future Manager Alliance) in Ukraine.

Having become FMA’s partner, Action Group obtained an opportunity to provide Ukrainian employers with all-new services. It is common knowledge that starting from 2014 businesses in Ukraine have been actively developing, focusing on markets in Europe, North and South America, Near East and China. Apparently, Ukrainian companies need to recruit staff in those countries where they are planning to do business.

FMA is the most effective solution to tasks like these. Being a Ukrainian representative, we can provide recruiting services of the highest standards in cooperation with our partners in more than 30 countries in the world. Soon their number will balloon to 50.

Our clients don’t need to search for recruiting agencies abroad all on their own. Nor do they have to sign contracts, obtain information on recruitment in a culturally different environment or solve other problems regarding money transfers abroad. All this you can get from one company in Ukraine.

This also means that you will be provided with very high-quality services, since recruitment process abroad is conducted by our partners who search for needed staff in their databases, taking into consideration local cultural context.

Should you take interest in our services, you can meet us and discuss the ways in which we could meet your needs.

Call us at: +38 (044) 206-09-44, +38 (067) 466-44-39

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