It is more effective to search for work with the help of professionals.

Cooperation with the agency Action Group will help you quickly find your way around on the labor market, correctly assess your own strengths and choose the way to proceed which will perfectly correspond to the current developments in your career.

The recruitment agency Action Group cooperates with large international and Ukrainian companies, providing them with recruitment services. In this regard, our agents’ experiences will prove indispensable for you.

Our services for jobseekers are free of charge. We are interested in selecting a position for you that would best comply with your professional skills, motivation and personal qualities, and which would imply possibilities of individual development and career growth.

Long-term cooperation: your CV will be deposited in our data base. In case a matching position presents itself, we will get in touch with you and invite you to a job interview.

Integrity and transparency: the candidates that have been interviewed, though not selected, will be told the reasons for deciding against their candidacy in a most transparent way, which will help them while searching for job in future.

It is of utmost importance to us that the cooperation with the recruitment agency Action Group is as convenient and effective as possible both for our clients, i.e. companies, that are in search of skilled staff, and for our candidates interested in search or change of work.

Also, within the framework of helping candidates our agency has come up with a unique instrument, that is personal and group masterclasses “Successful job search in 5 steps“.

The program of the masterclass includes 5 parts:

1. Analysis of the labor market
- expert evaluation of the current tendencies in the field, of your profession, of concrete companies
- selecting a correct positioning of resources in order to search for a lucrative offer.

2. Correction/drafting of CVs
- Why we send out the CV
- Sections of the CV, importance of each of them
- What recruiters don’t like about CVs
- Cover letter

3. A practice phone interview
- Tape recording, analysis of mistakes
- Recommendations, how and when it is more effective to communicate with the employer

4. A training job interview
- A complete preparation for the job interview
- Video recording of the interview (self-introduction, typical questions for the candidate, tricky questions)
- Analysis of the video – typical mistakes, body language, gestures, intonation
- Work with provocative questions, skills of self-presentation, “selling” oneself

5. Analysis and correction of the job search, answering the questions:
- Why did they not call me?
- Why was I not invited to the interview?
- Why was I not offered the job?

After participating in the masterclass you will get:

  • A deep understanding of the market of employers and your fellow candidates (competitors): forewarned is forearmed
  • An excellent CV that “sells” – it will at least boost the number of calls from potential employers
  • A skill of charming the recruiter over the phone and get an invitation to the job interview
  • Skills of presenting your knowledge and expertise in the most favorable light during a job interview

We will also be happy to treat you to a cup of coffee

directorDmytro Klim - founder and CEO of the recruitment agency Action Group. Mr. Klim has been active in the field of business for 20 years now, having transferred to the realm of recruitment in 2001. In 2007 he founded his own agency. Mr. Klim is an experienced business coach. He teaches recruitment at the business school of the International Institute of Management in Kyiv.

Participation details:

Duration: 3 hours
Day and time are to be agreed in advance. Possible time frame: from 10:00 till 20:00
Number of participants: from 1 to 4

Price - 2000 UAH
Payment shall be made onto the Action’s Group bank account
Bank details:
EDRPOU 31484947
Bank account UA813808050000000026006653846
At the PJSC «Raiffeisen Bank Aval» MFO 380805

In order to participate in the master class you should:
1. Fill out the CV form Download
2. Bring a laptop with you, provided you have one
3. If possible, prepare a list of companies to which you sent your CVs
4. Contact us by phone +38(044) 206-09-44


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