Why does business in Ukraine opt for Action Group?

Because we offer on the market the optimal quality-price ration + flexible payment system!

Action Group boasts a successful experience in Ukraine (since 2011).

As of today, we belong to the list of top-10 agencies for recruiting managers of all levels. We are also focused on searching for managerial stuff of all levels as well as recruiting experts possessing rare qualifications.

We are there for you to conduct a professional vacancy audit. If need be, we can also offer you a regional search in any part of Ukraine or abroad.

Our unique advantages

Consultants possess relevant work experience or education: FMCG, equipment, IT, pharmacy, finance, agrochemistry, law, production, etc.

Time-sensitive request processing – you get the report with CVs of 5-10 recommended candidates within 1, at most 4 weeks. For more information please visit.

Our own program solution lies in a quick search and selection of candidates based on professional and personal qualities according to our requirements.

Informative CVs of recommended candidates are provided to you along with indication of their strengths and weaknesses, results of the test that check their managerial and communication skills.

How can you get a new employee?

  1. Submit a request for vacancy audit.
  2. Consult an expert on how to draft a work statement for search.
  3. Wait from 1 to 2 weeks.
  4. Review 3-5 best candidates.
  5. Make choice and send a job offer to the selected candidate.

What do we guarantee?

  • Exceptional expertise in all matters regarding the recruitment process.
  • Responsibility and flexibility, 100% of work transparency.
  • The results of our work are not recommendations, but offered solutions!
  • One-time replacement of a candidate.
  • Advisory recruitment support of a company after the best candidate is employed.

Call us at: +38 (044) 206-09-44, +38 (067) 466-44-39

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