In an era of informational technologies remote work does not come as a surprise. Quite the reverse, it has become a fact of life both for employees and employers. Moreover, lots of people purposefully search for opportunities of remote work. In fact, there are many reasons for this, starting with time-saving and down on to psychological health and personal preferences. The most common reason, however, is kids, especially the small ones. Naturally, it is of importance for the parents to not only financially support their families, but also to spend as much time as possible with their children, watch them grow and develop, to be with them 24/7.

Therefore, remote work allows this harmonious combination of work, private life and quality parenting. However, another major issue arises in this regard – how can one remain an efficient employee and strike balance between home and work?

It is an open secret that remote work does not only imply connecting to the internet and having one’s own working place. It is about the complex of factors enabling productive work and not calling the profession skills and qualities of an employee into question. It is also about establishing nice relationships with colleagues and management, about reaching the high level of self-organization and discipline.

By analyzing and observing this state of affairs, several recommendations can be singled out that will help keep remote work “work”. 


The schedule has to be fixed. The employee has to deal with it efficiently. Also, it is important not to take too long breaks or keep some tasks for later and to control yourself. Once you get too relaxed, your productivity drops and there will be no time for anything. It is crucial to understand what time-management really is. You should not let chaos rule in your schedule. It is also not recommended to work wearing pajama or having your sleepers on. You should take your work seriously and responsibly.


The environment surrounding an employee during his or her workday is also important. Despite the fact that they work remotely, they should maintain order at their workplace, sticking to the confidentiality and other internal rules set in the company.  Ones has to make sure that other people stay away from the workplace. It is also necessary to make sure that no third parties appear during video- or audio calls.


It is vital to show your interest in the job and the fact that you take it seriously. You should try to complete all tasks as soon as possible, be always available and submit reports.

Technical support

It is important to provide yourself with everything you might need for a productive work at home. Especially considering the fact that most companies help establish a work place at the employee’s home or inform them in advance what exactly they may need to be working remotely. 

Relationships with colleagues

Although it is remote work, you should maintain good relationships with colleagues. Communication with them will prove advantageous.

In spotlight

It is important to be in spotlight of everything happening in your company. You should take interest in novelties and news. You will gain some edge on others, should you decide to visit your office (if possible and relevant in your case).

Understanding and support from your family

You should explain to your nearest and dearest, especially children, that remote work requires just as much effort, sweat and concentration as any other work offline. Not only will it help you not be distracted from your working process, but also your kids will take you as a serious employee. The kids should get used to it from an early age.

To sum up, one may say that remote work requires much effort both from an employee and employer. This process is important and consists of multiple stages. And it should be learnt.