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According to the statistics, as of January 2021 there are 477 thousand of unemployed with only 43 thousand of available jobs. Just think of how high the rate is today and what the numbers might look like tomorrow!

The supply of labor force exceeds the demand more than ten times, according to the State Service for Employment.

169 thousand of employers have previously cooperated with centers for employment. It is thanks to this cooperation that the State Service for Employment has managed to offer over 830 thousand of jobs. Also, 351 thousand of e-offices for employers have been created on the Service’s website. This is not only a tribute to the technical progress and efficient documentation, it also provides the opportunity to quickly search for candidates.

In terms of percentage, the biggest number of jobs can be found at:

  • Enterprises of food and pharmaceutical processing industries — 18%;
  • Retail sales companies — 14%;
  • Transport companies — 11%.

In terms of profession, the most sought-after experts were:

  • High-qualified manual workers — 22%;
  • Equipment and machines maintenance staff — 15%;
  • State service professionals, teachers, doctors, etc. — 15%;
  • Service industry workers — 12%.

An average monthly salary stands at 7, 592 UAH. More attractive are jobs offering a higher salary, such as IT, aviation, finance and insurance, as well as telecommunications.

Speaking of the previous year, 606 thousand of Ukrainians landed a job in 2020. The vast majority of them were employed in the following sectors:  

  • Agriculture — 28%;
  • food and pharmaceutical processing industries — 16%;
  • Sales — 15%.

100 thousand people found temporary jobs – maintaining cemeteries, other territories, helping pensioners and people with disabilities, working on construction sites, etc.

All these professions are necessary and equally important. Let us hope that employment statistics will improve in 2021.