The quarantine restrictions are still in place. However, the government needs to carry on working. Hence, the announcement of the quarantine exit strategy for Ukraine had been expected and important to all members of the Ukrainian society.   

The prime minister, Denys Shmygal, keeps informing the people of Ukraine on the most important amendments and current developments through social networks. Through a joint effort the Council on economic development has been established comprising world-renowned scientists and economists. Thus, these experts are currently dealing with such issues as Ukraine’s exit from the economic crisis, guarantees of the Ukrainian people’s security as well as reaching equilibrium in all other domains of life. It has also been confirmed that Ukrainians are going to get back to work in May. For now, it is still not clear how fast and on what condition the whole process will be put into action. By the end of May the so-called “emergency” rule will have been imposed. 

What changes regarding the working process are going to be introduced at the beginning of May?

The most important step that is about to be taken is delivering new 500 thousand jobs, which will help Ukrainians to partly get back to normal life. 

The limitations on public transport will be partially lifted so that people are provided with an opportunity to get to their place of employment. 

The government also pledges to provide loan support to small and medium enterprises that have so far suffered the most. 

Regarding the exit strategy for June and July, the forecast is quite optimistic for now. Public transport will have fully resumed its work, the academic and school year will have been finished, the self-isolation restrictions as well as those regulating visits to recreational areas will have been softened.  

Obviously, as of now it is still difficult to provide any concrete information. Nevertheless, we should tackle the present hardships jointly. Mutual help is being provided not only in our home country, but has become a global phenomenon filling everyone with hope of the pandemic being overcome soon.