The client is a recruitment agency “Financial personnel”, founded in 2007. The unique advantage of the agency is its specializing exclusively in the field of recruitment of accountants and financial experts (economists). The fact that all of the agency’s recruitment consultants are required to possess a prior professional experience in one of the aforementioned fields plays a key role here. 

For 13 years of diligent work the recruitment experts of “Financial personnel” have successfully implemented a few hundred of projects. Currently, despite the complicated economic conditions in Ukraine, there is no shortage of the inflow of new vacancies.  

It is of importance to note that “Financial personnel” is a direct partner of Executive Search agency Acton Group (founded in 2001) as well as member of an international network of recruitment agencies called ‘Future Manager’ with headquarters in Milan. 

The scope of tasks is:

  • Developing and implementing the brand development strategy for “Financial Personnel” 
  • Drawing up and controlling the budget 
  • Forming and managing a team
  • Attracting new clients and improving client retention rate
  • Meetings with clients, occasional business trips. Participating in conferences, exhibitions, seminars
  • Participating in the development of the technical assignment for CRM; implementation and further use of this instrument
  • Implementing recruitment projects both by oneself/having recruitment projects implemented by the team
  • Controlling documentation management in accordance with the procedures adopted by the company 
  • Participating in the development and realization of the brand’s new web portal
  • Reporting to the founder 

Knowledge and skills requirements:

  • Higher education in finance
  • Work experience in the field of finance/accountancy of no less than 3 years
  • Basic knowledge in marketing
  • Recruitment experience is not compulsory. We will teach you everything
  • Competent user of MS Office
  • Experience in working with CRM
  • Knowledge of English is an asset. In case you don’t speak the language, be ready to learn it
  • Charism of a leader. Experience in staff management is desirable
  • Will to learn recruitment as profession and as business
  • Will to work in the private sector, will to go solo
  • Readiness to read and learn a lot
  • Ability to work systematically

Who should be interested in the position?

For instance, you are sick and tired of working as accountant or finance expert. You are striving for something new, while you are afraid of changing your profession. Besides, you are reluctant to waste all of your experience. In this case, this job is for you. 

This position would make full use of your experience. You will be taught the art of a recruiter by our founder, Dmytro Klim, who:

  • Possesses a more than 20-year experience in the field of recruitment
  • Has participated in dozens of educational trainings conducted by the leading HR experts
  • Has taught recruitment to over 30 people, now HR experts working in our companies
  • Has taught a course in recruitment for MBA students at Ukraine’s oldest university that offers minors in MBA – the International Institute for Management

Instead of simply helping to solve the problem, we teach how to solve it, which is barely done in Ukraine by others. Not only will you acquire a new profession, the position in question will let you acquire knowledge of the whole business sector.

Or perhaps you feel much too cramped working at companies where your every step is taken record of. Any initiative requires efforts to be realized. Our main task lies in developing the brand. Here, everything depends only on your toil and power of imagination. 

Last but not least, you want to personally influence the size of your profit.  

You do not take liking to the limited bonus systems that hit the glass ceiling. We would lie if we said that the recruiter’s work is easy. However, we believe in our motto – good candidates cost a lot, whereas the weak ones cost even more so. Normally, customers take good note of our advice and understand the fact that good work should be decently rewarded. Everything else depends on you. 

You are invited to submit your CV via the application form available on this website. 

Deadline is 1st September 2020.