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People are gradually getting adjusted to the new reality. Hence, due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 many a change has occurred in different domains of human activity. Obviously, a full isolation cannot take place within a society, and the most important economic sectors have to carry on functioning. The majority of state organizations have introduced telecommuting. In general, telecommuting is something people have been aware of and practicing for quite a long time now, since lots of organizations practice it, maintaining that this step towards the future is quite important. Therefore, such transfer could be foreseen. Now, the question has arisen about how organizations are supposed to resume their work after quarantine has been lifted. 

Things will surely get back to normal with the whole working process not exempt. Therefore, working hours and the optimization of the working process are being handled right now. In this regard, the prime minister has announced the Ukraine’s strategy of getting out of quarantine. For the time being the strategy contains some preliminary steps to be taken. Nevertheless, it is promised that “by the beginning of May Ukraine will have resumed working”. In light of this, a wide range of problems will need solving, such as creating new jobs, providing assistance to small and medium enterprises, lifting public transport limitations and taking decisions regarding working conditions. 

A significant number of surveys have been conducted with a view to finding out the employers’ attitude towards telecommuting. According to the results, a vast majority of them would like to get back to the normal office workflow. This is caused by technical inconveniences, problems with controlling the working process and decrease in employees’ productivity. 20% of the respondents have also indicated a positive side of telecommuting – cutting down on expenses. 

Due to the present situation prompt and productive decisions are to be made. One can treat telecommuting differently. Some organizations have had the intention of introducing it for quite some time, some have been faced with this necessity for the very first time, whereas others may be not as lucky: the quarantine limitations have led such economy sectors as hotel and restaurant businesses, tourism, shopping malls and entertainment centers, beauty services and others to experience financial problems. Naturally, telecommuting is not possible in these sectors. 

To sum up, we may here quote the old adage “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”. Thus, by joint efforts we will stay healthy, overcome the crisis and come up with new and original ways to solve any problems.